Sunday, December 7, 2008


This is Maine, but their snow is similar in composition to ours.

We got our first snowfall of the season this morning. The South End was looking pretty with its layer of frosting. After my breakfast of crabcake Benedict and homefries, I checked in with my friend Jacob to see if he still planned to go mountain biking with me today. Snow didn't deter him, so we headed up Hunter Drive and did a loop of the reservoir. Riding on an inch of powder is a rare joy. Hopefully this is what we keep getting in terms of snow fall this year. Although, I bet my snow shoes would like to get some use.


Mark said...

I love riding in the snow! Got out for a modest jaunt this morning on my singlespeed.

Brendan said...

I got hooked up with some Nokian Studded tires. I wanna find some frozen bodies of water to ride them on.

Probably not much luck in CT.

Mark said...

I think you have to live in an area where snow covers the road all the time and gets packed or be riding on ice to get any advantage from an Nokian. Friend of mine made his own studs using sheetmetal screws and then cut the tips off. Heavy as hell but didn't really off any more traction off road than without. I would think tire changes would work better.

Brendan said...

I think wide tires are probably more important than studs, or at least that's what Jill from the Up in Alaska blog says. She advocates 3" or more.

The 2.3"s on my single speed seem like they might do the trick.

Karma said...

Where is the WOOL?

I must say it is the most glorious fabric for riding, especially in winter.

Brendan said...

I was wearing it. I figured that I was implied.

I was also wearing the itchiest, non-sports-type wool that I could find.