Monday, December 8, 2008

Brrr... and Bike to Work

suck factor was pretty high today heading directly into that north wind down franklin ave. but it was worth it to see the car drivers staring at my frozen snot covered beard as i whizzed by them haulin down the road....

for the group, discussion of bike to work events. as you all know, ccba has hosted bike to work events every month for the past several years. there are small satelite events, but the main ones have been downtown hartford. inside at jojo's when its cold, outside at the old state house when its warm.

we have had a lot of new people and a lot of old faces as well at these events, but attendance seems to have leveled out and ccba is wondering if monthly events are still the way to go as opposed to shifting focus to a workplace based program with just one or two big public events every year.



chillwill said...

the wind whipping down capital avenue last night made for a freakin' cold ride from frog hollow to asylum hill for sunday chess. burrr.......numb face wasn't fun.

i think the monthly bike to work events in hartford are wonderful! i have really, really enjoyed them. they have certainly helped new people connect with the cycling community as well as cement and strengthen friendships. if not for meeting you, charlie b, the daves, and other great people at ice bike to work two years ago, there might not have even be a beatbikeblog!!

the summers are fun at the old state house and the commoroderie and braggin' rights of ice bike are awesome. both really help keep the community connected, inspired and growing.

ben, lets meet up for a coffee or soup one day at lunch. i'm organizing the dec critmass and would love to help out with a dec ice bike to work

Brendan said...

I think the bike to work stuff in its present form would be much better than working directly in people's works places.

Being outside at the old state house has tons of visibility.

Rich said...

I counted 4 bike tracks embedded in the snow on Constitution Plaza Monday morning, not including the guy I passed on the bridge. They had a plow working on the bridge, and thankfully, they weren't dumping tons of sand all over the place for that.

I like the monthly events for all the reasons that chillwill and Brendan said. Also, I work in a small office of about 30 people, and most of them have a commute of more than 20 miles (several live in MA). There won't be much benefit or contribution from here by moving to a workplace-based program.

Brendan said...

I think workplaces should work on these things if the desire is within the the workplace. Once the desire is there, I think CCBA can work with a company with tips and technical assistance.