Friday, December 19, 2008

Favorite Ads: Alternative Fuels

Ride on, patriot.

Today's snow event makes this the ideal time to post this. If the ad embedded below isn't my most favorite commercial of all-time, it's certainly on the short list. The calm serenity and silence of the falling snow. The look of gruff, self-satisfied, determination on the face of our protagonist. The stark blue-gray colors of the scene. The tone of extreme masculine admiration by the voice-over. And of course, the constant tink-tink-tinking of the worthy cargo. This ad is wonderful.

Apparently this whole campaign for the Champagne of Beer was done by Errol Morris. I think it's a requirement whenever you blog about any of these ads to mention that, despite me not knowing exactly who that is. But his wikipedia page shows he's somebody impressive. Here's a page with links to all the other ads from that campaign.

Click here, if having your video embedded isn't your thing.


Joel said...

Prez, I was dubious but after watching the video I agree: best television ad ever. Seriously.

B I A N C A said...

Errol Morris is an amazing doc filmmaker. Not to be confused with the actor Errol Flynn who looked very handsome in tights.

I strongly recommend The Fog of War which is about Robert MacNamara, the former secretary of defense that got us in big trouble in Vietnam.