Monday, April 28, 2008

thursday & sunday

There isn't very much photographic evidence of the ride we took on Thursday except for Joel's gigantic steak sandwich. Joel was extremely proud of this sandwich. Joel also had a 30 pack of Miller Lite. At one point, he put the sandwich on top of the case of beer. Johanna really liked that, in that it spoke to some kind of completion or wholeness in the world, or at least marriage of two of the greatest things. I agree and I don't even eat steak.

On Sunday, I participated in a mountain bike race. Since I was much less drunk than I was on Friday, I didn't do as poorly as I did in foot down, slow racing, or track standing. It's surprising how important balance is to riding a bicycle.

Look at me ride on this dirt road! I'm awesome!

It doesn't even count as a fire road, it's just a dirt road. Mountain biking in photos in so boring unless people are flying off of cliffs.


chillwill said...

Thursday's route

i guess we didn't have to figure out rt. 44!! Great ride again dude, well done!

that sandwich was almost bigger than Joel!

chillwill said...

DANG! i just looked at that photo again. that sandwhich was MASSIVE!!!

Joel said...

How'd you do in the race Brendan? You must've passed at least that guy in front of you in the photo.

Brendan said...

I did ok.

I finished fourth out of twelve in my age group and like seventh in the whole class.

I did pass the guy in front of me. He was riding single speed. The guy who was right behind me (sort of blocked out in that picture) won the race. He was damn fast.