Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Progressive Happy Hour @ Kenny's Red Rock

P to the double H was bangin’ Tuesday Night over at Kenny’s Red Rock. Great crew, great crowd, and the Karaoke with the most love. We dined on some sweeeet, sweet, sweeeeet potato fries and many pitchers of beer. mmmm……sweeet potato fries. I won’t even try to remember who sang what except for The Joel’s rendition of The Band’s The Weight. Who freakin’ knew what all the words really were?!?! Fanny?!?! There was even birthday cake tonight! And homemeade kombucha later on.

Lots of bike talk tonight from sharing folding bike commuter experiences to talk of a Hartford Restaurant Bike Tour, nibbling and noshing while pedaling though the city. Ital, bar bites and liters of beer…oh my! The farmers market at Billings Forge will begin soon, hopefully Hanna will comment with some details about this twice a week market on Broad Street near Capitol Avenue. Perhaps a ride to the Beyond Green Show at UHA and on to the Auer Farm in Bloomfield. And hopefully some other rides involving food. And beer. But especially food. There’s a ridiculous amount of good food in Hartford.


Seven bikes locked up outside too! I bet two weeks from now we could have a dozen bikes out there at 9pm, fresh from a night ride through out the city and the riverfront. An hour and a half would be plenty of time to cruise Park Street, check out Keney, Elizabeth and Bushnell, loop around the riverfronts and work up a good thirst.


Karma said...

Too bad there isn't more good beer for when that thirst gets worked. I makes me sad.

Brendan said...

if only phh wasn't past my bed time. :(

Brendan said...

furthermore, why is the bike everywhere happy hour at a bar to where it's really difficult to ride a bike?

El Presidente de China said...

Love the idea of a little waterfront ride in the evening time. Maybe some zigging and zagging across all the bridges to do some nighttime skyline appreciatin'?

chillwill said...

i dunno dude, ask bike everywhere!

we could have our own bike to happy hour at kenny's! and sully's! and vegas!

ok, i guess i better change it to, bike to happyhours!

El Presidente de China said...

Look, they were bigging up bike everywhere at the CCBA banquet, but none of those suckers even biked there, you know? Except us, 'cause we're awesome.