Monday, April 28, 2008

Critical Mass and Afterparty April 2008


Meet at the Bushnell Park Carousel at 5:30, last Friday of every month.

Brendan and I left the Hook & Ladder happy hour at 6pm and arrived early to the meeting spot. Some time later, about 18ish of us left the park and spun through the traffic circle heading to the south end. Cars weren’t really hatin’ on us too much, but a few groups of people were real assholes. One group of about a dozen latino boys hanging out on a porch at the beginning of Maple went wild talkin’ shit about getting BB guns and shooting at us. They were way too excited and enthusiastic! I think they were trying to scare us, but it was more sad and depressing than anything else. A few other groups just yelled dumb shit, but not much.

On a brighter note, there were the usual cheers and the random round-the-way person joining us for a short bit. Kids waved and pointed, we waved back and woo-haa'd!Other peoople shouted happily and we all had a good, but kinda short ride.

Hopefully the mass will continue to grow and someday become critical! I also wish we rode longer, a bunch of people were ready to continue on. Keney Park woulda been nice. Maybe next month the ride will grow bigger and longer and lots of people will enjoy a great ride!

After the ride, people and groups split up with a bulk of people planning to converge on Evergreen for a post party and Shane’s slow race. A bunch of us headed over to Kenny’s for a few pitchers and some beer to go from the bodega across the street. There was also a stop at my spot for whiskey and greens. Gotta get that roughage! We finally arrived at Evergreen to a small fire that much later would be bigger and have people hopping 180’s over it.

here's a sexy pic of footdown with a fire and holes in the ground. i think this was somehow safer than later in the parking lot next door!

I remember playing footdown pedaling around the fire avoiding holes and soft dirt and later the circle moved to the parking lot. TJ ended up with more dollar bills than a stripper, but I think Shawn out rode him backwards. I think. I dunno; it was late, it was dark, and alcohol is a hell of a drug! The slow race did finally happen. Who won? I don’t freakin’ remember. I know I passed out a bunch chocolate chip cookies though.

TJ isn't riding towards the fire. he riding backwards towards the camera after hopping over the fire and bustin a 180! woo-haa! having a mountain bike, which all the fixies LOVED during footdown, allowed brendan to just ride rightthrough the freakin' fire!

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