Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Call, write or yell about Bill 299

i boosted this from a CCBA email i received today:

Update on Bill 299 - the great news is that it passed through Appropriations Committee very easily with the amendments that we all agreed on - basically, lost the section on requirements for inclusion on highways and kept the 3 foot rule. The Share the Road section was amended to be done "within current appropriations." CCBA could come up with some low cost ideas to help.
So now what? The legislative session ends May 7th and there are a few steps remaining. So ... the message to send at this point is to ask all of our legislators, especially Senate and House leaders, to keep this bill moving quickly and call it for a vote ASAP. Just keep calling and emailing. There was a wonderful editorial in today's Hartford Courant - if you're emailing, it would be great to attach and reference this editorial. The editorial notes some financial concerns and suggests removing a section - let your legislators know that this section has been removed in the amended version.

Here's a link to the editorial,0,916777.story

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