Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Big Ups to my co-workers!

Last Saturday the entire morning and afternoon crew at EMS arrived on bike or foot. well, except for the management! ha! ok, the manager and asst. manager do live far from the store. Lucas, Kyle and I pedaled in and Eric hoofed it. James of the CCBA was reppin’ a table at the Club Day Event and also biked in. Woo-haaa! well done guys.


And this morning I arrived at the Advocate to see Bulger had also ridden in to work. Niiiice! I liiiike!


Karma said...

Sunday we were 2 for 3 and today we were 3 for 5. Not bad. We'll get 100% yet!!

Brendan said...

Bulger rides a bike!?

That man is Hartford's number one pick for cool guy.