Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Thoughts on Flower Street

You may recall that the Putnam Bridge was supposed to be refurbished and the DOT declared that a bike/ped lane was impossible. There was no possible way. No amount of engineering could get a bike/ped lane on the Putnam Bridge. People got angry. People leaned on their elected officials. Suddenly, the Putnam Bridge developed a way for things other than cars to get across.

Flower Street is a very similar thing, but where are our elected officials on this? Rep. Gonzales has been silent and so far Sen. Fonfara has been, too. Clearly, constituents are riled up, and for good reasons. I saw that the Mayor wrote a letter, but the DOT is going to listen to State legislators, not municipal people. They control the DOT budget, not the towns.

There's an obvious and appreciable negative economic impact here and I cannot fathom why DOT is being so tone deaf. Must be the engineers' superiority complex.


Schleppi "Fight Back" Longstocking said...

Minnie's busy lying to voters, claiming she is responsible for cleaning up blighted properties in Hartford which actually continue to present a problem. She cares about power, not people.

Tony C said...

Good question on the elected officials.

Tony C said...

Someone should send them a copy of the petition. Show them what their constituents care about.

Schleppi "Wasn't Born Yesterday" Longstocking said...

Courant FINALLY published something. Totally spun. Headline makes it sound like DOT is actually interested in solutions. Have we had evidence that this is the case, or do all signs point to "we do what we want"?

Brendan said...

Did you read the garbage editorial?

We shouldn't let neighborhoods and, moreover, the quality of life of anyone who lives in Hartford stand in the way of the busway!

Schleppi "I ain't fell off that turnip truck yesterday" Longstocking said...

You know what? Fuck them.

Who do they think will be using the busway -- the yuppies they want to gentrify downtown with, or the working class people in neighborhoods desperate for employment anywhere?