Monday, August 6, 2012

My summer vacation

Per usual, I spent my summer vacation more or less in Vermont. In addition to riding around, I endeavored to take up fishing. Since, I also love canoes and bikes, which you may have heard, I tried to fish using those things. So, I bought a telescoping reel that I could pack into my bag. It worked great, except that when I rode my bike to other bodies of water, I never caught any fish.

I also did some good bike to hike, whereupon I hiked up this really cool, though short trail up Wheeler Mountain. I wasn't attacked by any falcons.

I tried to do some philosophizing, but Dario did way more, so I will spare you mine. I read a lot of Laura Ingalls Wilder and Saul Bellow, though.

I also like rope swings a lot. A good one developed last year across the lake form Johanna's place. At first, I canoed to it, but then I rode my bike to it.


Finally, the day before I left I won the Glover Mountain Bike Race. It was the most important race of my career. Now that I've won the Hartford Alley Cat and the Glover Mountain Bike Race, I think I can retire and concentrate on canoeing full time.

Below is Wheeler Mountain. I guess I should put this picture near the paragraph about.

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