Wednesday, August 15, 2012

People who drive the wrong way on one way streets

Since the spring, I've watched a fair amount of people drive the wrong way down one way streets in front of me. It's getting popular in Hartford.There seems to be a trend in that these drivers are confused and angry that someone is seeing them do it. Back in the spring, a confused man on Heath St. decided to crash into a car on the side of the road right in front of me because he was so perplexed that he was going on the wrong way. He was also unlicensed, had a car of suspect registration and carried no identification. 

Earlier in the summer, I was going down Crescent Street and the driver flipped me off really angrily as she went the wrong way.

Today on Seymour Street, the driver went the wrong way and asked "Don't you have a car, motherfucker?" I have no idea what my car had to with this.

Generally when I see someone going the wrong way, I wave my arms, because I have this stupid notion that they didn't realize they were on a one way. I'm totally wrong, they know they're on a one way and simply angry that someone is seeing them.

One exception was a one way sign was missing on West Street and people kept leaving the pro park parking lot going the wrong way. I called 311 and they installed a new one in like two days. I was very impressed. Now people generally go the right way.

What would you do when you drove the wrong down a one way in front of me?


Patrick said...

People driving the wrong way on Pratt Street was nearly a daily occurance when we were there. Now, on Arch St, it is a little less frequent but way more dangerous (highway off ramp leads to it) and I've almost been hit by a chump doing just that. Oh Hartford.

Brendan said...

I bet if I sat on Seymour all day, I'd see plenty of wrong way drivers.

And, drug deals

Brendan said...

No wait, that's Wadsworth with the drug deals.

Seymour is ok. I get my afternoon commute mixed up with the morning.