Saturday, August 18, 2012

I Love Cities!

Right now I'm lounging behind the Polish National Home enjoying live (FREE) jazz.  As Valerie might say, "More fucking jazz?"  The PNH is a ten minute walk from my place and that makes me happy.  Cities in general make me happy.

Last weekend on a lark, I headed up to Boston with Dave for their midnight ride.  I was a bit concerned that a ride leaving at midnight and finishing at dawn might turn into a zombie death march.  I was blown away by how organized the ride was.  Despite the extremely varied riders (starting with ~ 200) we stayed together all night, and nobody died.  The ride stopped almost every mile so the organizers could share some Boston history or recent urban planning happenings.  Did you know Boston has it's own Kona bike, the Dew Boston.  Oddly I chose to ride my heavily modified 2004 Dew Deluxe.  A special shout out to Nathaniel, our radioactively bright Boston compadre.

Monday night was the last "fucking" jazz in Bushnell Park for the season.  Thursday night started with Creative Cocktail Hour and ended with Hartford's own mini-midnight ride.  Chill Will was back in Hartford.  He wanted to kiss the river. We meandered.  We raced.  Will is on the hook for a more in depth blog post on this topic.

Other than my volunteering to set up at 6am, the last Hartford Bike to Work of the summer was nearly perfect.  Solid attendance, media coverage, free food, and custom t-shirts.  The City of Hartford designed some bangin graphics for the shirt.  And Mayor Segarra showed up on a bike.  He appeared winded and perhaps thanking god he was still alive.  I guess this was his first rush hour bike commute.  Good on him!

This morning I picked up about 200lbs of tile and did some renovating.  Nearly blew an O-ring climbing up Warwarme to Wethersfield Ave.  After lazing and a liberal dosage of jazz, I may wander down to the Asian festival at the Riverfront.  Then tonight - Shag Frenzy!  No cover, indie dance party at Up or On the Rocks.  Shake it!

Fuck mowing the yard.  I love cities!

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