Sunday, August 19, 2012

DOT Violates Own Policy

Photo by Christopher Brown, used with permission // Looking north on Flower Street.
During the winter-that-wasn't, James Redeker, Commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Transportation assured cyclists that the DOT was entering a new era, taking seriously the safety of cyclists through initiatives like the New Britain-Hartford Busway (now called CTfastrak).

We thought those promises were too good to be true.

Now, in August, the DOT is telling cyclists that their safety is, well, you know, whatever. They are doing this through a plan to permanently close Flower Street -- a small street connecting Capitol Avenue with Farmington Avenue -- in Hartford. Cyclists have been told to use Broad Street, one block away. This would not be a terrible idea, if Broad Street were remotely bike-friendly and not due for major construction starting tomorrow.

People are pissed.There is a public hearing slated for Thursday at the DOT.


Tony C said...

For those that are interested, residents, concerned business owners, and others that care about bike / ped matters will be meeting up on Flower Street at the railroad crossing at noon on Tuesday (8/21). Show up and help show the City and the DOT that this street is important to you and the affected neighborhoods.

Also, there will be an 8AM public comment session held at the Berlin Turnpike offices (2800 Berlin Turnpike, Newington)of the DOT on Thursday morning (8/23). Some folks are going to try and make it out there, but if you can't you can send your comments to Kate Rattan is CT DOT's Bike Ped Coordinator and should be able to forward comments along to the most appropriate party.

Let's make some noise people!

Schleppi "Fuck the Man" Longstocking said...

But don't be shocked if AEtna's security kick people off their property, even though preserving access is in the best interest of that company's employees.

Tony C said...

I don't think they can kick us off the sidewalk...?

Schleppi "My Taxes Built This Sidewalk" Longstocking said...

Signs posted on poles along street have disappeared and one has already been told to stop handing out information to AEtna employees. There's something sketchy about all this.

Brendan said...

It's a ploy by Aetna to wall themselves off from Frog Hollow with help from the DOT and CT taxpayers foot the bill?


Tony C said...

I think it went well. Shout out to all the local businesses!

Tony C said...

I think it went well. Shout out to all the local businesses!