Friday, February 24, 2012

Vinegar shopping


Two inches of wet gross snow fell last night. I didn't want to let that deter me from having fun. So, I put a freewheel on my Colnago because I keep hitting my toes on the fender when turning with it fixed. I figured if I didn't have to pedal through tight corners, it wouldn't be a problem any more. I had a new 17t Dicta freewheel lying around, so I Romney'd (it's a flip flop hub, get it!!?) the wheel and rode off with the power of coasting. Things were going ok, but the steady drizzle and mid 30's made me abandon my original plan of riding out to that Arm and Hammer place in Collinsville for a beer. I was riding through Fisher Meadows in Avon, when suddenly the freewheel started slipping. At first I thought I broke the chain, but the chain looked just fine. I thought maybe it was a fluke, but every time go out of the saddle, it'd slip all the way through the down stroke. I flipped the wheel back over and went home fixed. Actually, I stopped to buy vinegar. I thought one usually started fixed, got tired and switch to free. I guess it's opposite day.

Speaking of opposite day, if your back up lights were messed up, maybe you'd try to avoid excessive driving in reverse, but not everyone feels that way. Coming up Ansonia just now, I watched a guy back a block and a half down the street on the wrong side of the road with his back up lights not working. He did have his hazards on, but still. Why not just do a u-turn?


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