Monday, February 13, 2012

Disc brakes on 'cross bikes and head injuries

Many are opposed and many are for disc brakes on 'cross bikes. I've ridden a 29er with discs, so I'm assuming it's the same thing: overkill. I guess I actually own that 29er, I don't just ride randomly one. I've never really had much a problem dragging the brakes after riding through gunk, except on like two occasions. Once, in a race a few years ago, I had frozen stuff on my rims and I tried to brake going into a corner and nothing happened. I careened into some trees and lost a position. Yesterday, I was riding on this sort of boardwalky thing: little sections of planks with gaps in between the sections. It was kinda technical and there was mud in between two of them. Since it was technical, there wasn't a lot for room for the brake dragging, so I had to use the brakes instead of dragging them before I used them. Needless to say, they didn't work so hot, I went off the boardwalk and landed on my head.

So, frozen mud and technical 'cross bike riding seems to be the application of disc 'cross bikes.

Also, the title of this post is sort of misleading because I didn't actually hurt my head. My neck was a little sore, though, but now it's better.


Interstatement said...

A disc/canti mullet setup is the path to peaceful resolution of the debate. Or drum brakes.
That's it!

Brendan said...

disc/drum on the same wheel, actuated by different brake levers

Interstatement said...

I think you can custom order that on a Santana.

Aaron said...

Discs are awesome. I will never not love discs. Super-easy to maintain, if your rims are slightly out of true you can still brake fine, super mud-clearance AND power at the same time, etc etc etc.

All the cross folks who are anti-disc totally remind me of the fixed-gear folks who are brakeless zealots. "If you know what you're doing you don't need them!" I run both brakes on my fixed gear too, and have a great time.

Brendan said...

I think that you can't be anti-disc in 'cross and use them on a mountain bike. I use all kinds of different brakes, so I'm no zealot in any direction.

I don't really like coaster brakes or roller cam.

wheel balancing machine said...

The open disc brake setup uses a piece of plastic in the brake lever that self adjusts if there is any fluid expansion or contraction in hot or cold weather riding conditions.

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