Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Stealing my bike

Yesterday was Valentine's Day, so I had to buy romantic dinner ingredients at Whole Foods in West Hartford. Stop Shop just isn't romantic enough. I rode over from school, locked up my bike, shopped, loaded up my panniers and attempted to unlock my bike. It didn't want to do it. I tried very gingerly for a few minutes, but ended up snapping the key. I wrestled with it for a few minutes and took the lock partially apart, but I still couldn't get it to turn. Eventually, another person rolled up to the bike rack and offered to ask at the service desk for pliers. Apparently, Whole Foods doesn't have pliers. However, this nice guy had a swiss army knife. He lent to me when he went inside to shop and I was able to take the lock apart with the can opener. While I'm a little surprised that I was able to defeat my lock with a can opener, in a slight germane way I'm grateful to the fellow bike shopper for use of his swiss army knife. I dropped in his pannier and left. Hopefully, he found it and didn't think I stole his knife.

Sadly, Johanna's French snake lock that I destroyed is no longer manufactured. :(


Heather B said...

Bike-stealing is very romantic.

Brendan said...

The ladies love a dangerous bike dork.