Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Drive train havoc

It's like the world is conspiring to turn me into one of those singlespeed evangelists. Just when I think I've fixed everything on one of my geared bikes, some other part of the drive train starts acting up.  In a race a few years ago, I knocked the rear derailleur of my Kona against a rock. The derailleur was bent beyond repair, but the hanger seemed ok. It probably wasn't though, because the shifting was always just a little off since. Finally, due to breaking the hanging last week on my other bike, I decided to go hanger buying crazy and get one for the Kona, too. It seemed to help, but a new problem of a worn out middle chain ring obviated any trouble free pedaling. Why would a new hanger make the problem of a worn out chain ring suddenly appear? That doesn't make any sense! I guess I also degreased the chain. Perhaps that's the problem.

Should I switch to a 1x9? Then I can replace the whole mess up front with a nice stainless right.


dario said...


As little bike as possible, as much of the time as possible. Just go fixed. You pretty much only ride expedition speed anyway.

Interstatement said...

Go 1x9, or "1&9" for a North Jersey feel:

Brendan said...

maybe 2x4

Tony C said...

1x9 is good fer me on the Kona Dew Deluxe. The front chain guard serves as a decent rock ring, and extra clearance for rolling big logs.