Thursday, February 9, 2012

Followed me home, can I keep it?

Oops, I did it again, brought another bike home. The real irony here is that I did it to pare down the number of bikes I have. Hear me out, the idea is to figure which of my various bike functions, presently served by multiple bikes, can instead be performed by a single steed. That means finding more generalist bikes that blur the lines of my current specialists. See, more is less.

Two insestual Treks in the backyard
(in case you're curious, it's a front hub lashed to the rear rack for a mount)
(in case you want to try it, be sure to pad the towed fork blades, fork geometry created by the raised front end makes for a very floppy bike which can hit the rack)

So, today a 1995 Trek 930 made the trip from Enfield to find a new home in Manchester. The plan is a drop bar conversion that will have this bike replacing my rugged road bike and touring bike. As an added bonus, two Asian frames are being replaced by one of US forged steel that was TIG welded and delivered to the bike shop duty-free. I'm not particularly nationalistic and I'm far from xenophobic, but I do like the idea of cutting down on the number of metal molecules shipped back and forth across the Pacific Ocean.

Any bike that say "OX" on it has to be good!

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