Monday, August 8, 2011

Trend setter or follower?

I rode a lot this weekend--up to Whately, MA Friday afternoon, D2R2 100 mile loop on Saturday (to put it succinctly, it was long), and back down to CT on Sunday. All that is well and good, I suppose, but things started to go odd as Tony and I hit the Windsor/Hartford border.

First, there was the sighting of my identical bike (save color and size) outside the town pool. This might not be so odd for you if you own a shiny late-model set of wheels, but when one lugs around 33 pounds of 20 year old Diamond Back Override, it is something of a unique sighting. I managed to embarrass Tony by pointing out to the bike's owner it was older than he.

Just a little further up the road while cutting through Keeney Park, in my usually mode of combing for road-side-finds, I spotted what were in fact the lens to glasses identical to the ones I was wearing. Maybe someone had the fashion sense to jettison their glasses as soon as they say me wearing the same. Good call.

So who else out there has a tattered "Tech Team" handlebar bag attached to their bike with a bungee cord? I know you're out there.


Brendan said...

Does that mean I have to ride D2R2 this year on my Diamond Back?

Anonymous said...

You look like a Mighty Matador the way you mount your steed with false horns...Impressive!