Tuesday, August 16, 2011

This Week in Saving Stuff

Cedar Mountain Time
Tonight, 7:00 PM at Newington Town Hall (131 Cedar St), please embrace your limited opportunity to stand up for Cedar Mountain, open spaces, and sensible development. At the July 27 meeting, I listened to a Toll Brothers representative explain their proposal to relocate a 1,700-square foot wetlands area that exists where they would like to build houses on Cedar Mountain. That sounded like a fantastically bad idea to everyone in attendance, but they seem intent on diminishing the will of the people and downplaying the impact that 64 houses would have on Cedar Mountain and its immediate and surrounding areas.

Tonight, the Inland Wetlands Commission holds the last public hearing on the matter. Once these matters go behind closed doors, Toll Brothers will do their damndest to make their money and lawyers trump the will and well-being of the overwhelming majority of the public. They're kinda doing that already, come to think of it. Please consider showing up to add your presence and your voice to the debate. Go watch If A Tree Falls at Real Art Ways if you aren't feeling sufficiently moved by this (not tonight though-- you'll miss the meeting).

Ferry Saving Efforts

An "Action Committee" will meet in Rocky Hill this Thursday, August 18 from 5:30-7 PM at the Nutmeg Credit Union at 521 Cromwell Ave. The committee is meeting to discuss starting a private foundation to defray the costs of running the ferry. Here is your chance to be a (Wo)man of Action!


Brendan said...

relocating a wetland sounds like this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Runaway_Pond

Schleppi Longstocking said...

Treehuggerness aside...what the fuck?! If you build houses on/in wetlands, guess what kinds of headaches the owners are going to be dealing with? Mosquitoes. Perpetually soggy ground. Flooded basements. Cracked foundations.

Sign me up!


Brendan said...

that's why you drain the wetland.