Thursday, August 18, 2011

In touch with my urban environment

As you know, Hartford does not have "cool" fixed gear movies like Mash sf or, uh, Empire. I've often thought this is because there's only like one guy in town who makes movies and five people who ride bikes. Today, I realized that's not the problem, the problem is that we don't have enough areas with the cool man on bike vs. the future aesthetic.

Until now. With the opening of the Mayor Mike Bridge, one can ride all the way across Constitution Plaza and then down the parking garage of the convention center. There's tons of concrete and gritty urban infrastructure for like a solid mile and it's elevated. It was so cool, that I took some pictures from up there.


Tony C said...

Yo! This is a great cut through to the convention center garage where I park my bike when catching the BDL Flyer to the airport. Rode it the first time today.

Downtown Hartford is a maze of elevated sidewalks. The urban-ness will be in ten years when they are all ragged from NE winters and CT / Hartford can't scrape the dimes together for upkeep.

Brendan said...

Those are private, so don't blame the City for not maintaining Constitution Plaza, etc.

Instead, blame us for the parks and sidewalks.

Actually, don't blame for any of it because I am no longer at the employ of the City.

Damian said...

Will you still live and ride in the City, bro?

Brendan said...


In fact, I'm at work right now volunteering.

dario said...

So, I went up over the Mayor Mike bridge, past the Convention Ctr., into the parking garage and took in the view of the Rising Star from Level 8 on a beautiful Sunday morning. The vast expanse of empty parking garage, along with the echoes of the Chinese crooner on Constitution Plaza, the sight of boat races on the Great River, and the taste of a couple of chocolate frosted donuts and a cup of coffee all made for a pleasant Sunday morning outing on my bicycle. Better than reading the paper, for sure.