Thursday, August 11, 2011

Another Eel

I haven't seen that movie, "Another Earth", but I saw a trailer for it when I saw "Tree of Life" (and I didn't even ask for my money back). I guess the movie is about another Earth, that's mostly just like this one. I was mountain biking yesterday and thinking about this, but since I don't think very profound thoughts, I was thinking about me on another Earth mountain biking. And then, I wondered if the me on the other Earth would organize The Eel there, too. Would it still be called "The Eel"? I guessed that the other people probably would, but it'd be slightly different. Like, instead of going along the river, maybe it'd go off into the mountains. Maybe it'd be in Vermont. Who knows, except the me on Earth 2?

Which leads me to proposing that another Eel be held. Where? I don't know yet.