Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Stuff to do this weekend

While The Eel is obviously on the top of the list of things you're doing this weekend. There are some notable other things that should check in preparation for or recovery from the world's most important bike ride.

Friday: There's some burlesque and something else at the Whitney House. I don't know what time or any of the details, but my friend Marisa invited me, so I think she wants people to go.

Satuday at 8pm is another CATALOUGE!

Kim Mikenis, The Human Light Box in Knock Twice To Enter (A Shadow Puppet Fort Show)

8:00 pm (show will begin shortly after and run roughly half an hour)
56 Arbor Street
Hartford, CT 06106
Suite # forthcoming

Kim is a sculptor, assembler, collager, painter, animator, sewer (soh-er, not soo-er), and puppeteer. This CATALOGUE performance is the quintessential Halloween pre-party. There will be a tunnel. There will be drinks. There will be a fort made of sheets, cushions, carpets and candy (candy will be in the fort. You can't eat the fort). Check out Kim:

Kim Mikenis creates beautiful, ephemeral environments that are both haunting and womb-like. Using audio, puppets, light, and other objects and contraptions, she will perform original stories for us, as we watch from within our fort. She'll be working hard, filling our heads with oddities, candy, and narrative splendor. This is a puppet show. The performance will begin shortly after 8:00pm and run for roughly half an hour. Happy Halloween, boo.

CATALOGUE is a monthly event that showcases artists, musicians and other creative endeavors, and is hosted by Joe Saphire and Nick Rice. The event is a collaboration between artist, curator, community and space. Contact us for directions or questions:, and please pass this invitation along to those we might have missed.

Joe Saphire, Nick Rice

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