Monday, October 25, 2010

Bikes Outside: My Other Bike is a Broom

Downtown Hartford played host to the annual Hooker Day Parade this past Saturday. The atmosphere was festive, spirits were high, and airborne candy and beads were the order of the afternoon. Bikes were out and about both in and around the event. Hartford Denim Company had a trike, and ostensible fellow Beat Bike Blogger Ken Krayeske rode his trusty Cannondale along with some other cyclists touting his bid for Congress. Also, there were witches.

This pair of freshly-paraded witchy hybrids was spotted at the terminus of the parade, where people socialized while Hartford Police officers worked to herd them off the promptly reopening streets. The sloping top tubes of the blue frame is particularly well-suited to broom-mounting. A larger broom, or perhaps a rake, could look even more intimidating and double as a skirt guard. The handlebar skeleton is a nice touch. I could see how a front rack-mounted reaper, with scythe of course, could be helpful in certain traffic situations.


Billy Hoyle said...

Call out the other ostensibles too and tell 'em to word up!

Schleppi "Season of the Witch" Longstocking said...

I would like to see if there are any studies indicating that those with scarier bikes have fewer car-versus-bike situations.