Monday, October 4, 2010

Bikes Outside: Double Dutch

This Monday's Bikes outside were spotted at last Wednesday's Hartford 2000 First Annual Pasta Dinner. This SoDo fundraiser was held to strengthen community and help fund a sorely needed upgrade for H2K's outdated name. It was a very nice event, full of goodwill and unlimited carbohydrates.

The Amsterdam is Electrabikes' west coast interpretation of the classic Dutch city bike. They took the time-proven design that has served millions of European commuters for a century and made it more laid-back. I ask you, where else but California could people think anything from Amsterdam is not sufficiently laid back? They are handsome machines at any rate. I really like enclosed drivetrains on city bikes 97% of the time. The other 3% of the time involves incredibly vexing rear tire changes.

The super-slack geometry and vertical riding position mean the owners of this his-and-hers pair are upright citizens in more ways than one. The baby seat (and the corresponding baby they walked in with) show that they are city biking family style, which is nice to see.

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