Monday, October 18, 2010

Bikes Outside: Ride Me to Firenze

Today's bike outside is a feast of well-preserved 1970's Bike Boom bling. Everything you need to make your own low-budget remake of Breaking Away (and impress the ladies) is right here.

You've got the Italianate name, The snappy paint job on the lugged frame, color coded cable housings and decals, and some fine-looking drilled brake levers (with bonus turkey levers to boot!)

The "Precision Drive 15 Speed" drivetrain (with narrow-range triple crankset) will make you half-again better than the jealous haters on their puny contemporary 10 speeds.

Luxurious foam drop bar grips are the perfect finishing touch to this period piece. They're like little handlebar afros.

1 comment:

Alex Sobieski said...

I have this same bike and love it! Great description! Do you know anything else about the history of this bike edition? :D