Thursday, April 29, 2010

The hardest trail in the world!

Ok. It's certainly not the hardest trail in the world, because I don't think anything the reservoir is. In fact, a google search reveals that the Powerline Trail on Kauai in Hawaii is the hardest trail in the world. Although, looking at pictures and reading descriptions of it makes it sound like it's a fire road. That doesn't that difficult.

But anyway, I was riding my Redline last night at the reservoir. It was nice, I don't think I'd ridden my singlespeed since Christmas Eve. I also discovered where they hide all the man-made stunts- some of which are cool and some aren't very well constructed (a lot of rocks kept buckling under me), but that stuff isn't really my thing anyway.

This is the northern entrance to the really hard trail.

Anyway, as you can see in the map up top, I've mapped a little trail that runs on the west shore of Reservoir 2. It starts right by the entrance to the little trail that goes across the causeway. Someone took some time to construct this strange trail. It's benched nicely into the hill side and has stone stairs. It's also narrow and off-camber, with strange rock gardens and big logs. And, it looks deceptively rideable, not like a hiking trail. I had to hike half of it, though, so I suppose I just suck.

See? someone worked hard on this, but why?

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