Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy Olmsted Day!

Today, April 26, is Fredrick Law Olmsted's birthday. He's responsible for making Hartford's parks awesome. At Keney Park today was the CT Olmsted Heritage Alliance's celebration & conference. The guy who wrote the Hartford parks book, John Alexopolos, spoke and then there was a bus tour of Keney. I went on a one man bicycle tour.

I hadn't been on any of the Keney trails since the bizarre call I got from an ATV owner complaining that the police were enforcing Hartford ordinances and confiscating his ATV. They're really ripping up the trails north and west and of the golf course. It's a shame, because they'd never really been that bad.

From there, I took the very long way back to City Hall.

my thumb shifting diamond back in all its glory.

And, in case you were wondering, I've always been a bad writer. I think I submitted that in sixth grade.

Finally, if you're ever cruising in the vicinity of the Portland Reservoir, make sure to check out the skills of the Wesleyan architecture students:


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Rodger said...

Love the photo of the old car. Very cool.