Monday, April 26, 2010

Bikes Outside: Legislative Office Breezer

This morning 's bike outside is a Breezer seen locked up outside of the Legislative Office Building on Capitol Ave. While this step-through comfort bike is sparkly clean, shiny and well cared-for, my eyes were drawn immediately to the wheels and hubs. The Shimano Nexus 8-speed internally-geared rear hub is a personal favorite of mine (actually my Nexus-equipped Robin Hood is a 7-speed), and the generator hub/light combo up front seems like it would come in handy. I've never had a bike with a generator hub or Dynolight (I prefer saying Dynolight because I can imagine Jimmie Walker saying it)

I've been seeing more and more non-mountain bikes with suspension forks lately. I don't see myself joining the ranks of the bouncy commuter set just yet, but I'm sure this bike has a super plush ride between that and the suspension seatpost.

There were three bikes locked up outside of the LOB on this particular day, which is two more than I have ever seen and three more than I usually see. The credit for such a turnout probably goes to both the great weather and the fact that it was Earth Day. Like the owner of this Breezer, the other riders had improvised bike racks using posts or railings, as there doesn't appear to be a bike rack in the vicinity of the LOB. Maybe someone should lobby for that.

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