Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Staring at maps

View points south in a larger map

I've always stared at maps a lot. When I was little, I used to go on a lot of long car trips with my parents, so there were plenty of maps for reading material. My dad had a relief map of CT that I was awesome and it's still up somewhere in my parents house. Since maps have migrated to computers, I play with google maps at least once a day. I look at faraway places and create elaborate, multi-thousand mile routes around North America. If I go on a slight complicated bike ride, I'm generally on gmaps pedometer afterwards.

I also like to look at things close to me and see if there's some undiscovered woods that I've never been in. The map above is an example of woods I don't know much about. I've been on a lot of the paved roads in the area, including the strange road the goes passed the DMV in Plainville. Crankfire says that you can ride Bradley Mountain and I've been on the Newington Bike road rides out to that reservoir. Now that we've turned the daylight corner, I can start planning this stuff, I guess.


Salem said...

I've hiked some of the highlighted area from the Plainville side. It is well worth the exploration.

Oirad said...

It can be done because I've ridden (sort of) in that area, stopping off to "boulder" at Bradley Boulder and then fooling around on some of the cool rocks up there. Some of that stuff is rideable and, in any case, makes for good hike-a-bike and fun.

Anonymous said...
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Brendan said...

I found some pictures of people riding bikes there, so it appears that it's somewhat doable.