Friday, December 11, 2009

It's NOT that cold!!!

Many people did not ride today because it was too cold. Some other people, like Brendan and I, did, and you know, we had a great time. I was even warm enough to fully unzip my wind breaker, although, not so warm as the fellow I saw running in shorts. I guess he also failed to realize it was too cold.

Maybe some of us are just insensitive. Maybe our beards have grown too thick and we have to play at mountain men. Or, maybe it was a just another beautiful day to ride a bike outside. Brendan and I started by the river in East Hartford and manage to find some new-to-us water crossings to access new-to-us fields and trails and a skeet shooting range. We also learned that boardwalks, like bridges on the highway, freeze before everything else, although, those who join the Eel on Sunday can learn that first hand. Don't worry, they are still fun. And oh yes, Brendan learned that performance go karts can be hard to turn, but I suppose that was before we started riding. I highly doubt we would have learned any of these lessons on an indoor bike trainer.

So next time you think it is too cold to ride, here are some tips to help you outside:
1) Grow a beard; they are not just for mountain men anymore. No excused ladies.
2) Switch to flat pedals and non-cycling shoes. The plastic used to make cycling soles stiffs has another trait: it is a good thermal (cold) conductor.
3) Just keep pedaling and go straight when you hit the ice.
4) Forget cycling gear; loose clothing will always insulate better than anything tight, and will also be more comfortable if it gets wet.
5) Newspaper makes a great wind block under a shirt or in shoes.
6) You can ride a bike with mittens, really.
7) Fender, fender, fenders, and I don't mean those cute little clip-ons.
8) Just remember, you like riding a bike, outside.
9) Smile.
10) This isn't a top ten list.

Go ride your bike.


kerri said...

I rode today, and I don't have a beard. It really wasn't that bad. Maybe I'll have to grown one to ride when it's below zero.

Billy Hoyle said...

It was not warm enough in Augusta to unzip anything while riding. I learned that the hard way. Also, office pants don't cut the wind. Hats matter. It's funny because my warmest hat right now is a cheap cotton one. It cuts the wind better than knit wool. The skinny tires are better on the road, even when the road is covered in snow. I have never had a fender. I just wear plastic pants if it's messy. Loosen the straps on your backpack so it hangs down over your ass and catches spray. Then your backpack and your ass still look cool.