Friday, December 4, 2009

The Eel 4: Nobody Wins

So, how does this sound for Eel #4?

Sunday, Dec. 13 at 11am we meet in Bushnell Park. We follow this route. It won't be a race, but points will be awarded for style. It'll also be free. It'll conclude with either going to a bar or having some kind of pot luck. There's a logical bailout point, if you only want to ride 30 or miles. Does that sound like fun? It'll pretty much incorporate all of the dirt in Hartford and adjacent areas. Recommended bicycles are mountain bikes and 'cross bikes. However, it's pretty much all rideable on whatever you like. Horrifically adverse weather'll cancel. Anybody wanna come?

Look! I can grow something.


chillwill said...

wow, that seems like some mileage, but you ensured no stone is left unturned...

if i am still in the northeast i'm totally in...atleast until i get dropped:)

Anonymous said...

"Eel 4-Nobody Wins"

That's, like, utopia, man, where only having fun matters.

-- dario

Interstatement said...

The only thing I don't like about this idea is the fact that I can't make it on the 13th.

If I could make it the only thing I wouldn't like is finishing 2 1/2 hours later than Brendan.

The potluck angle is brilliant. Someday we should try to coordinate a bike version of those progressive dinner things or have a ride-in barbecue in a semi-remote spot.

Salem said...

But if you aren't charging, how am I going trick you into taking old frames to cover my entry?

chillwill said...

i've always wanted to add a potluck to rides but could never figure out the logistics of keeping stuff hot or cold and still ride comfortably. and because unfortunately most people prolly wouldn't want to carry prepared food on the ride or be able too. but i'm sure a small dedicated group could make this pop...right!?!?

the ride-bbq idea is brilliant!