Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Critical Turkey Mass. Hartford, Nov 2009.

group shot
The motley crew as an uptight rent-a-cop was trying to kick us out of Constitution Plaza!

Well, thanks to the cold and the earlier rain, we went old school; you remember those rides of yonder with 5 or 6 maybe 7 people. no so much a mass. not so critical. but still a good time, although this was a freakin' cold one! brrr.... We had a total of 5 people, one dog, one mini-boom box attempting to keep us warm with tropical tunes and an empty spot on a tandem. Big up to everyone who came.

We had a brief encounter with the holiday lights up on Constitution Plaza before heading across the river and along the East Hartford Riverfront. The beavers have been extraordinarily busy between the boat ramp and the Charter Oak Bridge. They are taking down some big river trees. It's crazy and worthy of its own post and photos from a daytime visit.

Scruffy very much enjoyed his special seating on the top tube.

Riding under giant horses is always fun.

Thank you MaryLynn for the photos. my camera kinda died this night.


Billy Hoyle said...

Scruffy looks like a swift rider!

Anonymous said...

It was an awesome ride, very peaceful along the East Hartford side of the Connecticut River. Gus is Scruffy the Bicycle Riding Dog's master, and being of Greek heritage, spells it in the phonetic Greek manner: "Skrofi". Skrofi and Gus have done, among other rides, 2 Five Boro Bike Tours in their entirety.