Sunday, December 6, 2009

First Snow

If you live around here, you probably noticed that it snowed. Not very much, just a 1" dusting at most it appears, but there's always that slight magic to the first snow. So, since this is a bike blog, I'm not going to write about memories, sleds, Santa (though, I did buy a Christmas trees yesterday), yuletide, muletide or hot chocolate.

Dario and I rode down to Constitution Plaza this morning to meet with Peter & Salem. On Ledyard St, I got a sizable nail in my tire, which is presently booted with Peter's granola bar wrapper. From, there, we went to the Wethersfield meadows. People split on the way back. Dario and Peter had some cryptic business; Salem and I briefly rode together, but he had to go purchase an ancient Volvo and I wanted to grab another tube, because I was so close to chez moi. I got the tube and decided to eat my left overs (which were this very interesting winter cabbage & dried tofu dish from China Pan). I decided since it was only 1:30, there was that I could explore today, so I rode out to the reservoir and eventually to Terry Plain Road. Things were pretty:

Then I turned around and came home. The Terry Plain Road connection had become a creek and was rather difficult to ride.


To help Salem out, here's a picture from the ride on Friday:


Oirad said...

I think that I can just make out Salem's new car in the pic. -- dario

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