Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Tortoiclist and the Hare

Riding up Main Street in East Hartford today it seemed I had unintentionally engaged in an fabulous race with a transit bus (which I'm pleased to say clearly advertised the new three foot car/bike passing rule). True to the tale, the bus would zip by me, but then tire and need to rest while unloading and loading passengers. The lead changed hands five or six times, but Aesop would be proud: the tortoise won the day, or at least I turned off for the Charter Oak bridge before the bus could retake the lead.

Maybe Hartford Transit should start a promotion like Denny's used to do with their 10 minute breakfasts: "Faster than a bike or it's free!"

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Brendan said...

I did something similar riding on Farmington Ave out to Central Wheel after our phone conversation. It was a car with a bike on the trunk for me. It eventually had to stop for gas by the reservoir and I declared to myself that I had won.

Is that what you're looking like on a bike these days?