Sunday, November 22, 2009

Santa with a Gun

Today I joined the US Marine Corps sponsored Toys for Tots ride in Agawam, MA. Eventually, I will learn to post these events BEFORE I do them so as to encourage others to join, but for now, a recap must suffice. There's always next year--mark you calendars.

My friend Steve, who strategically bought a house in Agawam along side Robinson State Park, runs this ride each year, where, for donating a new toy, you get a tour of some of the most twisty, buff, twisty, smooth, and twisty singletrack I've seen in New England. There was also a raffle and all the hot chocolate you could drink. Eyeball estimates for the event ranged from 50 to 200, which means a lot of plastic from China was donated. I'd say a good time was had by at least 20 to 2,000 people, although, after the ride, someone observed that the pace at any charity ride is harder than the average race one might do. This was likely an exaggeration, but I did get to make some good efforts chasing the group after repeatedly dropping the chain on my single speed until it dawned on me to tighten the qr skewer.

Lastly, when the conversation turned to the idea of a bike part swap meet, I mentioned the idea I've proffered to Brendan for the next Eel, once someone figures out where that should be. I suggest making the entry a new or used bike part with an estimated street value of $10+. We make a prize table, and people make a selection in order of finish, and any remaining parts get donated to the Hartford Bicycle Coalition. Ok, really I've just trying to figure out what to do with all the parts in my basement that I can't use, but are too good to toss? 165mm 600/Ultegra crank arms anyone?

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