Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving, etc.

Sometimes I feel like the things I write about in the beat bike blog are just boring rundowns of my week. I don't really have insights or sprinklings of profundity. So, here's another entry.

I thankfully got a mountain bike ride in on Thursday morning. It was slippery. I didn't take any pictures of it, but you can imagine me riding at the Reservoir. I didn't have much time, because my parents were coming to pick me up for Thanksgiving at my uncle's house in Boston, a trip which used the below-pictured bridge.

I had to work on Friday. No one else had to work and thusly Papa's Pizza was the only place open. They were friendly and made me a fish sandwich. I attempted to return from work the cool way, through the flood control, but I got there just as the guy was locking the gate. I pondered my options and decided that I should try to find a secret way around Wethersfield Cove. Lacking a canoe, I was unable to get very far. I decided those woods, or as google calls them, The Folly Brook Natural Area, are by the spookiest in Hartford (or that could be Wethersfield). When I got home, I was moody, slightly muddy and didn't have any desire to go to Critical Mass.

On Saturday, I discovered on a limb on Chandler Street with Salem & Peter.

On Sunday, Dario, Peter and I tried to go to Collinsville, but a twig ate Dario's old NR derailleur. I watched it happen, quite disturbing.

With some daylight to spare, Johanna and I took a quick romantic jaunt up to Hublein Tower via the Avon Land Trust trail. Then we went to Ichiban.

On a sad note, our friend who's a scary bunny has vacated her apartment and is officially down in New York. The Hartford glitterati is no more. :( Dan and Lex were around for some moody festivities.

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