Thursday, May 7, 2009

BBB Pub Crawl III: Celebrate Good Times, C'mon!

From the BeatBikeBlog's behind the scenes department of marketing and public relations:

As Brendan mentioned, your humble beatbikeblog has turned a year old! While we have somehow just fallen short of claiming the "Best Blog" honor as a rookie in the Hartford Advocate's "Best of Hartford 2009" issue (Really?? Noted beauty pageant judge Perez Hilton got more votes than us as the best blog?? Where's the local love, Advocate voters?), the comments demanding a celebration have been nothing but overwhelming. Good news! We have listened to ourselves commenting and have decided that holding a BBB Pub Crawl is the perfect way to mark this blessed occasion. And you, our reader and savvy bicyclist, are invited to join us on Saturday night, May 9th. You don't even have to celebrate our birthday...there are lots of things you can choose to celebrate instead:

1) Nueve de Mayo: For people who took too long of a siesta and missed Cinco.
2) Mother's Day Eve: air out all your best mother jokes from the past year
3) The unofficial, irreverent kickoff to Bike Week
4) Springy-Sproing: Warm weather has returned!
5) Ghostface Killah's birthday
6) Just being alive and free on two wheels in the Beat.

So Saturday May 9th, we're hitting places with outdoor seating. We'll be meeting up at Dulce in downtown Hartford around 7pm. From there, we'll head over to Hook & Ladder on Main St. at 8 pm. Then we'll make a nice ride through the city over to Plan B on Park St. in West Hartford and aim to arrive at 9:30. The crawl will finish up at Kenny's on Capitol Ave. starting around 11:30. There are loads of good food and beverage options at each stop.

Hope to see you there.


Karma said...

P.S. If anyone else is interested in joining us but cannot/will not/does not want to ride, don't be shy. We may chide you a bit for your bikelessness but we would love to have your company at any of the stops.

Burr Street Brew Blog said...

Count me in. What's up with Dulce? Seems a little up scale. Just looking to raise some eye brows?

G said...

My friends and I have done a bike pub crawl in Manchester each of the last two years. Last year was 12 stops. Including a backtrack to find a lost camera we did 18 miles last year. We're planning our next one, hopefully soon. Maybe not so many stops this time.

OpusOne said...

That's hardcore and beautiful, G. Any chance you can leave a comment on this blog to let people know when that's happening?

Karma said...

You know with all the royalties rolling in from Pabst from this post we figured we'd live according to the celebrity that comes with being bloggers. That or we were throwing out ideas of places with outdoor seating and Dulce came up. You pick.