Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Stuff afoot

Because sometimes we have to reflect on the sad things, tonight is the Ride of Silence. We're meeting at the Elizabeth Park Pond House and setting off at 7.

Also, Real Art Ways is unveiling a bunch of public art on Saturday. My friends Joel, not the beat bike blogging one, and Dave put up a lot of the art. This blog got a press release from Abby at RAW because they're doing a bike tour.

Some details:

Hi there,
Wanted to let you know that we are offering free guided bike tours of our public art exhibitions in Hartford’s Parkville and Frog Hollow neighborhoods on Saturday, May 30, at 3 and 4 PM. They leave from Real Art Ways 56 arbor street, Hartford.
There’s also a free reception for the projects from 2 – 5 PM at Real Art Ways.
I’ve attached press release, but here’s a quick run-down of what the projects will be.

The Four Projects:

  • Margarida Correia’s photographs of Hartford youth embracing their Portuguese heritage will be on billboards in Parkville. Street lamps on Park Street will display album covers of famous Fado singers, with an accompanying audio component.
  • Satch Hoyt is building a labyrinth in Frog Hollow’s Pope Park, out of clotheslines. The labyrinth addresses the migratory voyages of the residents who reside in the neighborhood.
  • Sofia Maldonado is creating a mural on the Pelican Tattoo building in Frog Hollow. She’ll also be organizing collaborations with youth in the neighborhoods.
  • Matthew Rodriguez will install 70 characters on trees in Pope Park, and one on the side of La Estrella bakery in Parkville.
Dave Mourad (more rad?) is leading the tours and I understand that there's a cell phone guided tour type thing that you can listen to by calling 860 760 9979.

I just called the number and it doesn't seem to have any tour guiding powers yet, hopefully it'll work by Saturday.


Julia-Goolia said...

The Windsor Historical Society is also doing a bike tour this saturday, May 23 from 11 - 1pm...a ten mile bike tour led through the most historic part of town led by yours truly. For more info: 860-688-3813, ext 107 (julia)

I hope this is "bad-ass" enough for you, b.

Brendan said...

Most historic? How do you determine that?

Julia-Goolia said...

the part of town with a lot/most of the 17th and 18th century home and structures still standing. not the post-ww2 homes and building.

Brendan said...

Ok. I guess that counts as historic. I'm going off to berkshires to do some hiking on Saturday, so have fun in my stead.