Monday, March 23, 2009

New Parking

I'll admit it's not the most fascinating news, but the parking lot at the West Hartford reservoir has changed. The big dirt parking lot is closed. Instead, when entering through the main entrance, parking is off to the left in a nice new paved lot. It has plantings and benches- the whole nine yards. I'm not sure what effects this has had on our water bills, but I don't mind spending a little bit more on nice benches. The trails, including the paved loop, haven't changed at all. Anyone else have an experience with the new lot? What do you think? Pretty nice, huh?

I discovered this when I decided to do a late afternoon loop of the reservoir. I'm uncertain as to why I decided to do this after the mini-epic of Glastonbury, Portland, and East Hampton with Salem (Eel #1 winner) and the 2009 Biking Vikings. Cool dirt roads over there.


Kerri said...

I got to experience this a few days ago. I like it. Seems less chaotic and sketchy. The other lot forced cars to drive across the bike lane / walking path, which seemed dangerous for all involved.

Brendan said...

I agree. Many drivers seemed to hate stopping at that stop sign.

There's a sign at the old parking lots declaring that it's "PERMANENTLY CLOSED". It's as if some people might be holding out and waiting for it to reopen.

Goolia said...'re not biking to the reservoir? Tisk. Tisk.

Brendan said...

There are times when I do and times when I don't.