Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Awesome & not awesome

This is awesome. You can read the rest of the story here, but nothing holds a candle to the awesome picture. (Driver is ok).

It is not awesome that Brendan & Johanna's hero, Jill Homer, has had to quit the Iditarod Trail Invitational due to frostbite on her foot. She's still our hero, though. Also sad is that her roommate/boyfriend (she keeps her readers guessing), Geoff, is out of the footrace due to knee problems (and strangely not due to the horrible respiratory problem he's having). Maybe now Jill will set her sights on more sensible and warmer endeavors like winning the Leadville 100 or the Great Divide Race.


El Presidente de China said...

'When [the truck] left the construction site and re-entered the highway, the dump body was upright," said Trooper William Tate, a state police spokesman. "For obvious reasons, that's wrong."'

Ha ha ha.

Anonymous said...

You guys would know best, are bicycles permitted on the pedestrian bridge that connects Constitution Plaza to the Riverfront Park?

If not, how do you guys access the park?

Brendan said...

@metalcommuter Bicycles are permitted, though there is a sign that says "walk you bicycle". However, I have never seen anyone walk one nor have I ever seen anyone yelled at for not walking their bike.

The Charter Oak and Bulkley Bridges, though more difficult to access, also allow have pedestrian/bike lanes. I think the Putnam Bridge (rt 3) is the only bridge that spans the CT River on which you can't ride a bike.

Karma said...

I have never walked my bike across the plaza though I have been yelled at by one of those security types for not having done so. I pretended I didn't hear them. Not sure why this is the rule, perhaps as to not run over pedestrians. Im heading over there right now to go to the home brew store and will report back if I get yelled at again.

Brendan said...

I'll be sure to be out there to yell at you.

Karma said...

Im happy to report there is neither anyone out yelling at bicyclists or any signs prohibiting cycling on the plaza or the bridge.