Sunday, March 29, 2009

Being the photographic highlights of two recent bicycle sojourns

As mentioned below, I recently had the singular pleasure of an early-morning jaunt to the storied, airport-dominated burgh of Windsor Locks (rap name: Windzor Loc), which I followed a day later with the return trip. Upon both occasions, I snapped some photographs, four of which I offer below for your perusal, dear reader. As always, if you click directly upon a photo, you will be rewarded with a larger, more sumptuous view.

Best. Street name. Ever.
Best. Street name. Ever. (Windsor Locks)

Windsor Music Centre, Windsor, CT
I like the simple, old-timey look of this place on Poquonnock Ave.

Florist Shop, Windsor, CT
Something else old-timey-looking. (Windsor)

Morning Fog, Bloomfield, CT
At the right hour of the morning, Bloomfield can look way more romantic and mysterious than it really is.


Ashley said...

I'm still a little sad about the turnout at Critical Mass last Friday. It was an amazing day, amazing weather....where was the love and support for that?

El Presidente de China said...

Ashley, why are you singling out my post about riding to and from the airport for this lament? The whole reason I was renting the car at the airport was because I had an evening thing to do in New Haven, so I couldn't make Critical Mass. Otherwise, I totally would have been there. Seriously.