Sunday, March 15, 2009

First road ride of the year

Today's weather was the best I've seen this year in Connecticut, so I put some new tires on my road bike, gave it a lube job, and headed out for Ferry Lane in East Windsor, where a friend of mine put a kestrel box last winter. He said there is already a pair of kestrels there, but I didn't see them. Ferry Lane is a two-rut road right now, very muddy. There is a good variety of habitats for birds. Redtail hawks soared overhead on thermals, and circled down to the treetops. The leaves aren't out on the trees or in the brush yet, so it's easier to see birds and easier to see trash. There were cardinals, bluejays, and chickadees in the brush and wet areas between the main road and the river. A Red-bellied woodpecker was climbing and zipping straight lines in the trees by the river.

I spent an hour walking down here with my binoculars, just enjoying the sun and the sights and sounds of birds.

Continuing down the east side of the River, I foolishly rode route 5 the whole way to East Hartford. Main St. would probably be less traffic, but I enjoyed going at a fast clip and working on steady circles with my pedals.

The outdoor exercise complex near the founder's bridge in East Hartford is a great place to get deez and enjoy some trees. Take a break from riding to do some push-ups and pull-ups. The monkey bars are fun!

I crossed the Charter Oak bridge, rode past lots of Southenders hanging around their cars and riding scooters on Wawarme, and rode to W. Hartford on Capital. Starving, I spent way too much money at the deli/salad bar area at Whole Foods, and then rode back to Windsor via troutbrook, 218, Wintonbury Ave, Filley, and 305.


Steve said...

You map my ride widget isn't loading, you should check the code to see if it's setup correctly.

Joel said...

Thanks Steve. It's just copy and paste script from the Mapmyride website, and it was working initially, so I'm not sure what went wrong. It's fixed for now.