Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Police Brutality


So waking up this morning I had planned on finally posting all the pics and beta from Critical Mass this past Friday only to come across this article. As many of you know NYC's Critical Mass and its barbarous police force have increasingly clashed over the event and it has gotten to the point where inclusion in the ride is grounds for immediate and unquestioned arrest. As the article states, however, and as the Youtube video shows, these hosilities are also manifested as physical violence on the part of police. As can be seen in the video a cyclist participating in this Friday's ride was selected from the crowd and bodychecked from his bike onto the sidewalk and immediately arrested. The brutal calm in the officer's behavior is enough to make one sick.

On a positive note this singluar event just happened to be captured on camera and a sliver of justice was served as the officer was "stripped of his badge and gun." The article notes, however, that the officer remained on police duty relegated to desk work most likely until this event falls out of media attention. As of publication the charges to the cyclist still stand.


Karma said...

Might want to check out this video as well....


El Presidente de China said...

Damn you, Karma! When I started writing my post, this post hadn't showed up yet. Now it seems like I'm really really trite to follow up your good, serious post about police brutality with a picture of a bumper sticker that says "boobies."

Karma said...

Its alright, I think even the bruised and battered Chirstopher Long from Hoboken N.J. would have been amused at the juxtaposition, because if you think about it, the NYPD is just a bunch of boobies.

A gang of well-armed, testosterone enraged, militant boobies on power trips.

chillwill said...

bikeblog.blogspot.com, the NYC bike blog has a bit on this.

there's also a compilation of all the news reports.

chillwill said...


please see another post from bikeblog.blogspot.com.

i hope this all gets so much exposure and momentum that the 4 year reign of NYPD terror comes to a freakin halt!

everyman said...

Patrick E. Pogan (NYPD shield #28957) is a pussy!

he has no honor.

he is a sorry excuse for a man.