Thursday, July 24, 2008

Alleycat Prizes What What!

Who said the Beat Bike Blog doesn't treat you right, baby? You thought the Wear Your Rubbers race this Saturday was going to be blood, sweat, and tears with no hot prizes? Come on, now! Our best friend at Manhattan Portage, the lovely and talented Lauren "Vermouth Criminal" Hoffman, came through with a nice new messenger bag; Our Brooklyn connect, Chris "Bed-Stuy Massive" Kim, is sending some Monstertrack 8 DVDs, courtesy of Play In Traffic Productions, and a complete set of t-shirts from the 5-boro Generals series of races (go check out the links, give love to our sponsors, who are also our friends). There will be live music. There will be the greatest agglomeration of pre-recorded music ever witnessed by human ears, courtesy of Mixmaster Chillwill. There will be human beatboxing. There will be booze. You know who will be there? Everyone who's awesome. You know who will not be there? Suckers.


Karma said...

More importantly will there be copious rubber duckies??

chillwill said...

also gots a Ghostship hoodie and some sweet stainless steel waterbottles from the CCBA.