Monday, July 14, 2008

Are we losing our relevancy?

So, I was reading through our venerable blog this afternoon and it made me glum. Back in May and June we were posting constantly. Often, we'd have multiple posts in a day. It was great. Readership was increasing and everyone seemed to want to know about us riding around on our bikes. We've entered the doldrums of July, though, and the pace is really flagging. Has riding a bike become boring and un-newsworthy? I mean, I drove my car to work today! I went mountain biking on Saturday and had a good time, but I felt no desire to subsequently blog about.

So, what can be done? Am I the only one who feels this way or is this a problem facing all of the web-based amateur cycling journalism community? Are we suffering from bike fatigue (in the middle of the Tour de France no less!)? Does this post sound like Carrie Bradshaw wrote it?


Ganoush said...

Don't be glum; it's all about pacing ourselves; it's hard to keep up the energy that usually accompanies the start of anything. This is to be expected and as long as we don't allow these summer doldrums to set the tone for the future, we'll be fine.

All is not lost--I'm a new reader and enjoying the the beat bike blog. Keep it up and ride on!

Martin said...

Hey! Don't be glum! I just moved to Hartford and check out this blog *every* day. Don't stop now...

Brendan said...

Well, that's encouraging!

I guess I will write my seventeen part series on chamois cream (complete with pictures!) after all.

chillwill said...

i don't think we have lost any relevancy at all! we're just gettin' a bit lazy. people email us about bridge routes and commuter questions! i think we have stopped posting as much as we used to. so post more! get to it! my goal is two a week. make it yours!
5 bloggers x 2 = 10 posts a week.

write about that mountain bike ride!
write about last week's scruffy peloton!
write a second critical mass post!
write about any of the recent alley cats!
please write about the recent races!

there's been no shortage of stuff going on, just a shortage of us actually taking the time to write and blog about it.

Rich said...

Hey, you guys are doing a good job. I still check this blog just about every day. There is a blogging "wall." People start out all gung-ho; it's new and exciting. Then you realize you have shit to do (because we're busy, not crazy) and let it slide for a couple days. No worries. You have the advantage of writing this blog as a can push each other a little bit, as you're doing here.

As a reader, I don't expect 4 posts a day. That's like a job. Just about all the posts here have been interesting, and they're worth the wait. You guys have been doing a really good job.

Remember: writing about your interests is fun. Don't write something because nothing's been written recently. Write because you have something to say, share, or discuss. If it goes a couple days...whatever. That's why I read.

Brendan said...

I was thinking about making it a rule to only write about races that I win. Therefore, no writing about races for me!

I can probably write some cool stuff about Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. I'm putting the big tires back on the Surly for the trip.

chillwill said...

dude, write about the 4th of july race or else i will fill your manhattan portage bag with heavy rocks when you're not looking!

you'll never beat valdez! ever! so get over it and write son!

ben said...

I think your post got people motivated again. There have been some good posts since. Please keep them coming...its my one source of entertainment during work...other than reading posts on