Thursday, July 31, 2008

Critical Mass July 2008 and afterparty

I think there were somewhere around 35 people with a good mix of new faces and regulars as well as everyone in between. Two tandems! One bride with veil. And no flats this time! I really like riding in the parks, though the streets have been fine lately; very few cars beeping horns, no death threats etc. We have been much better about corking intersections by talking to the drivers while blocking side traffic. A smile and explanation works wonders and 99.99% of cars are mad cool with the bicycles riding by in our mass. Critical Mass isn’t a protest…it’s a celebration!

Please y’all, please stay stopped at red lights when we arrive as a group and have to stop! It’s a great chance to regroup the ride and keep the mass together for safety and traffic. Let everyone catch up and redensify the group; no stragglers trying to pass cars to get back to everyone. We all seem to understand keeping the group together when the light turns in the middle, but don’t take off on a red! We have to be responsible for each other and look out for each other as a group. Taking off from a red light during a slow section of traffic will only split the group when the traffic picks up in a few seconds. Please think about this and remember, just because a few take off, you can make a better decision and stay!

Check karma’s post from a few days ago for the play by play. I’m just soapboxing this one and posting lots of eye candy.

By the way, why is it that teenagers in the South End seem to yell much more foul shit at us than any other neighborhood? Why? What is the appropriate response to a porch of kids yelling, “White Power!!!” That happens like every single ride down that way.

Well, here's a few photos to get started. I think I tend to take photos of people I know cuz I am horrible with names and spelling; so gimme a hollerrrr if i butchered yer name or got it wrong or something like that.

There's a crapload more if ya click on READ MORE!

Carole, AmyZ and Lindsey chillin' in the park before the ride.

Franklin Avenue.

I love this photo! ChillWill (me!), my 40 and the always fashionable Mary Lynn! So classy.

Krash felt comfortable leaving his Bianci unlocked in the friendly crowd of bikers. Sucka! About 40 minutes later he had to turn his back and go inside to pee and we quickly moved into action and relocated his bike someplace much safer. It took him a bit to find it, even though it was the shortest tree on the block!

I wish we did this twice a month. Mid-month ice cream ride anyone? yeah baby!

click below for many more photos:

More Franklin Avenue

Ben, brakeless and ahead of the pack in Cedar Hill Cemetary

Critical Wedding!

Find the beer!

Bianca is very safe. She drinks with a helmet. After what happened to Krash's Bianci, i don't blame Bianca for playing it safe!

Cheers mates!

Robin and Steve discussing his warm 40!?!?

Rich is like, "No Fair! i don't smoke!"

We know how to dress in The Beat.


Caitlynne said...

I think the correct response to "White Power!" is and always will be "Boo!"

Karma said...

As you can see from the photo I have mastered the secret to a 40 that stays colder longer, wrap it in a simple bandanna and it does wonders.

Also, Im all about the monthly ice cream ride! Any excuse to ride en masse through traffic.

ben said...

Ice cream ride is a great idea. I could even get the wife in on that once. Any excuse for ice cream is a good excuse to me.

mlg-unit said...

white power? i thought they said "bride power". maybe i shouldn't have pumped my fist in agreement??!