Thursday, July 17, 2008

I think this is cool

Someone on Hartford craigslist is selling this patent-pending item called the Gravity Dropper Seatpost. From the description, I glean that it rises and lowers four inches at the flick of a switch (you have to take your weight off it to make it go up and sit on it to make it go down, so it won't accidentally ram you in the hindquarters). Apparently, hardcore mountain bikers (of whom I am not one) sometimes face a dilemma between having the saddle lower for technical descents ("technical" means "difficult") and higher for better leverage when going uphill.

So basically, I don't need this item at all, because when I need to handle downhill riding, I stop pedaling, and when I face uphill riding, I shift into a lower gear. But damn, it sure does look cool in a weird sort of way. Not $200 cool, but cool. (They should make something like this for stems, too, so you can easily go from hunched-over, racy stance to laid back pimpin' stance with the flick of a switch.) So, could someone else please buy the Gravity Dropper and report back to me?

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Brendan said...

Scanning the reviews, it's apparently a great product if you wear a full face helmet and ride a bike with more suspension travel than a monster truck.