Monday, June 24, 2013

Take me to the River

*** The RAW Real Ride has been rescheduled for Friday July 19th.  Similar timing, but there won't be fireworks.  The fireworks are on July 18th, which unfortunately fell on the evening of Creative Cocktail Hour at RAW. ***

Real Ride VII - Take me to the River.  Saturday, July 6th.  Meet at Real Art Ways.  Bike Decorating at 6PM.  Ride leaves at 8PM.  Fireworks at 9PM.

The ride will leave from Real Art Ways on Arbor Street and wend its way down to the Connecticut River in time to watch the fireworks.  After the fireworks finish, the group will ride back.  Note that this ride will be on city streets, and there will be traffic.  On the return trip the roads will be chock full of stop and go traffic.  That said, the bikes are a much more efficient (both space and fuel) way to get to the fireworks.

It's a leisurely 8-10 mile ride round trip.  Bring your lights, more is better.  Some folks are basically mobile Christmas trees, or more seasonally, battery powered firework displays.  There will be music, or bring your own.

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Tony C said...

Rescheduled for July 19th, a Friday. No fireworks, but it will still be awesome. Grafitti tour was subsumed, but I promise not to cry.