Sunday, June 2, 2013

Hot Mess

Rolled around this morning, through the Southwest corner of Hartford.  Up through Cedar Hill Cemetery and by the huge Tilcon quarry.  Poked around over in Newington looking for cut throughs and not so closed roads.  Then back to Hartford for some Puerto Rican Day Parade madness - the loudest street event I have ever experienced.

Bring your reclining seats.  
It's a long way down. 
Did you know that Hartford is the home of the inventor of surgical anesthesia, Horace Wells?  There was an article in this Sunday's Courant and by odd chance I rode by the monument for this famous addict in the Cedar Hill Cemetary.  The three bronze panels read (1) I sleep to awaken, (2) I shall feel no pain, and (3) I awaken to glory.  The feminine figures on the plaques are surrounded by poppies.

I sleep to sleep.  Not sure what Horace was thinking.
Knock out sauce.

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